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NO. Name Principal Telephone
1 Office for National Science and Technology Awards ZOU Dating 86-10-68537564
2 Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China DAI Guoqiang 86-10-58882589
3 Center for Science and Technology Personnel Exchange and Development Service LI Pu  
4 Center of logistics WANG Likuan 86-10-58881260
5 Expert House    
6 China Rural Technology Development Center JIA Jingdun 86-10-68511848
7 Torch High Tech Industrial Development Center ZHANG Zhihong 86-10-88656123
8 China Technology Market Management and Promotion Center    
9 Management Center for Innofund    
10 China National Center for Biotechnology Development ZHANG Xinmin 86-10-88225118
11 High Tech Research and Development Center£®Administrative Center for Basic Research£© LIU Min 86-10-68339089
12 Intellectual Property Rights Center    
13 Information Center ZHOU Yunfan 86-10-58881240
14 National Center for Remote Sensing WANG Qi'an 86-10-58881180
15 Supervision Service Center for Science and Technology Funds DAI Guoqing 86-10-68588820
16 China International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program Execution Center (ITER China) CAO Jianlin  
17 Chinese Academy of Science and technolgy for Development HU Zhijian 86-10-58884695
18 China Science and Technology Exchange Center(Sino-Japanese Technology Cooperation Center) CHEN Jiachang 86-10-68511829
19 Cross-Straits Science and Technology Exchange Center    
20 Administrative Center for China's Agenda 21 HUANG Jing 86-10-58884818
21 National Science and Technology Infrastructure Center 86-10-58881463
22 National Center for Science & Technology Evaluation XIE Min 86-10-88232449
23 National Science and Technology Venture Capital Development Center JIN Yiming  
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