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General Office
Department of Policies, Regulation and Supervision (Office of Innovation System)
Department of Innovation and Development
Department of Resource Allocation and Management
Office of Major S&T Projects
Department of Basic Research
Department of High-tech Development and Industrialization
Department of S&T for Rural Development
Department of S&T for Social Development
Department of Personnel
CPC Committee of MOST
Bureau of Retired Staff
Inspection at MOST

Department of International Cooperation (Office of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs)

Director-General: Ye Dongbai
Deputy Director-General: Chen Linhao,Cai Jianing

Subordinate Divisionsú║
    1. Division of General Affairs and Planning (Division of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs)
    2. Division of International Organizations and Conferences
    3. Division of American and Oceanian Affairs
    4. Division of Asian and African Affairs
    5. Division of European Affairs
    6. Division of Policy Study and Overseas Missions
    7. Division of Eurasian Affairs